Why does Creams Factory gelato taste so good?

Our gelato is made fresh on-site, every day by skilled artisans, using premium quality ingredients.

The base flavour is determined by four factors: fat, sugar, air and serving temperature.

The water content in cream freezes to forms hard, crunchy ice crystals. The art of gelato keeping those crystals as small as possible.  This happens when the milk and cream emulsifies into the base mix with the frozen water molecules.

The sugar also forms a physical barrier within the crystallisation process.  As sugar dissolves in water, it creates a syrup with a lower freezing point than plain water. The greater the concentration, the lower the freezing point and the smaller the ice crystals.

Gelato is churned at a much slower speed, which introduces less air into the base. So you get more pleasure per mouthful. All these differences give gelato a dense, milky texture that’s less creamy than the fat heavy American-style ice creams.

Gelato has a more intense flavour than ice cream, since it has less cold fat that coats the tongue and block your taste buds. Gelato’s flavours come through directly and quickly then melt away, leaving a clean mouth.

Despite having less fat and air than ice cream, it isn’t so hard.  This is because of the temperature. Gelato is best served at a slightly higher temperature than ordinary ice cream, when it has reached a perfect soft consistency.

That’s why we recommend that our gelato is best eaten in store, as it is freshly made and held and served at the correct temperature.  If you order to take away enjoy at home, we recommend you let one litre of gelato stand for 30 minutes after removing from the freezer in order for it to warm up to the correct serving temperature.