• Our daily Specials


    Essentially chocolate, but the variations are nearly endless. It is paired with other complimentary flavours, like hot pepper or orange.  There are also different types of chocolate.

  • Our daily Specials


    The Italian for ‘Smurf’, blue in colour

Welcome to our Creams Factory

The place for freshly made artisan gelato, where you can see the various stages of gelato production.

Each day, we bake fresh croissants, crepes, waffles and a selection of delicious cakes and create a section of mouth-watering desserts

We also make treats suitable for diabetics and gluten free cakes.

So, please come in and try our new menu with mouth-watering desserts that await you.

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Whatever you choose!

We using local, organic ingredients in our gelato, milkshakes, smoothies and desserts.